10 Joyful Travel Tips

The central focus of “Crossroads: Becoming a Geographer” are 10 Joyful Travel Tips I devised as a way to help fellow adventurers┬ánavigate the world more mindfully.

In the book, each of the tips are illustrated by personal stories from my own travels. For now, I’ll share the tips with the hope that you’ll pick up a copy of the book to get an in-depth explanation for how to follow these tips.

So without further ado …

10 Joyful Travel Tips


Friends in Chennai, India 2004.

1. Never let your age get larger than the number of places (countries, states, provinces, cities, World Heritage Sites, National parks, etc.) that you have explored.

2. Keep your feet on the ground.

3. Take the time to really smell the roses.

4. Sit on a park bench for one hour.

5. The more you know, the more interesting it is.

6. Find the essence of a country/place

7. It’s all about people.

8. Meet people with a smile both ways.

9. Take time to think about “trading shoes” and what that may be like: listen with your ears and your heart.

10. From travel, learn and practice humility and kindness.

You can purchase a copy of “Crossroads” in paperback or for Kindle on Amazon.com.

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