HABPI is coordinating a Planning Meeting for the GHT in Gettysburg

Dec. 20th, 2014


This email is going out to all those who participated in the Grand History Trail (GHT) Economic Summit on October 29 or have expressed an interest in helping to find a route for an off-road bicycle trail from Gettysburg to Emmitsburg, as part of the GHT.  A meeting of those interested in helping with this effort are invited to attend a kick-off meeting on January 29 at 3 p.m. in the Charlie Sterner building at the Gettysburg Recreation Park.  Members of the Board of Directors for Healthy Adams Bicycle/Pedestrian, Inc. (HABPI) will lead the meeting and will discuss options for conducting a trail feasibility study.  Following a large group meeting, we anticipate breaking into smaller groups so each group can gather around a large map and provide ideas about a possible route for the trail.  After the meeting, we will form an advisory committee to guide the feasibility study and work with trail professionals and the larger group to complete the study.  Please reply to this message stating whether you will be attending the meeting or not.


Thank you for your time and interest.


Dennis Hickethier