Good News from Gettysburg for the Grand History Trail

Tom Jolin has been working very hard in Gettysburg to make something happen in Adams county.  Here is his latest email.

Hello Gwen.
Thanks for the update and for doing all this work, Gwen. I talked with Kev and explained our Adams County situation. Kev was only available on early Sunday, Oct. 19th (7am) for Adams Co. However, we have a group of people that want to do some GHT exposure….. we would like to tailor it to Adams County and schedule it at a time those does the most good for us.  So, you, Don and Kev have inspired some activities in Adams County in addition to your major Kev run, Oct. 17-19.
We will try to pull off two events and be happy if we can even make one work.
Event One: Dennis Hickethier, Pres. of Habpi, will lead a bicycle ride from Hanover to Gettysburg using State Bicycle Route JS, with the Gettysburg Times meeting them arriving in Gettysburg. Dennis is thinking Oct. 18 or 25. Dennis will prepare a press release for public exposure.  Last year, Dennis masterly created JS from Hanover Junction to Gettysburg (major roads) and PennDot installed and paid for it. It is a temporary route until we can get a more safe route built.
Event Two: Several groups of movers and shakers (pending availability at event date) will take part in a brief 45 minute description of the GHT, and the immense economic impact benefits of trails. Carl Knoch is available on Oct. 30 to present economic benefits. Hopefully, you, Don or Carl could also provide some inspiring photos of the GHT segments. Then, GettysBike (officially licensed bicycle tour guide/rentals at GNMP) would lead a ceremonial 1 hour bicycle history ride from the GNMP. We’ll work with Norris Flowers of Destination Gettysburg for the PR releases. Katie Lawhon also has many connections and has presented many good ideas for the format and PR. Both the GNMP and Destination Gettysburg have offered their facilities as the meeting place.  Within that general framework, we hope to come up with a workable plan.
So, that’s our general approach. We have some really talented, experienced folks on this end working on it, so I think something will work.  The GHT is a beautiful trail and I’m happy to say, far more than a concept since a substantial part is already completed.
tom jolin

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